Anees Maani
5th international sculpture symposium, Amman 2010.

Organized by the National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman, Jordan, it ran from the 20th of June to the 14th of July 2010, with the participation of: Francesca Marti (Spain), Pol Svenssen (sweden), Ali Mahmeed (Bahrein), Jamal sayyed (Egypt), Fadi Jabour (Syria), Mohammad Abdalla (Iraq), and from Jordan: Jalal Ariqat, Samia Zaru, Ahed Younes, Hazem Zubi, Hazem Nimrawi, Raed Dahleh, Abdul Aziz Abu Ghazaleh, Khairi Hirzalla and Anees Maani.



my stone
My stone
My finished sculpture
Pol Svensson
Pol Svensson
Pol Svensson, Sweden
Raed, Hazem and Ahed
Raed Dahleh, Hazem Zubi and Ahed Younes
Hazem Nimrawi, Jordan
Fadi Jabour
Fadi Jabour
Francesca Marti
Francesca Marti
Jaml Sayyed and Ali Mahmeed
Jamal Sayyed and Ali Mahmeed
Abd Aziz Abu Ghazaleh
Abdul Aziz Abu Ghazaleh
In JKerash
In Jerash
in Petra
In Petra